Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aliens in the ocean

Cooooool! Think my roommates will let me get one?

Thanks Coudal

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Twinsies leaves a review of Conor Oberst similar to mine, but not necessarily in such a positive light...

"For a few years Conor Oberst was the older brother I never had -- he experienced everything first and left me a detailed map of the empty apartments, serious breakups and unquenchable longings that define late adolescence. These days, my anxieties involve repaying school loans, carving out a professional life and fitting all of my responsibilties into roughly 17 wakeful hours a day. While these concerns are surely less romantic than what preceded them, I can't help wondering what Oberst would have to say about early adulthood. If he has half the insight and descriptive power at 28 that he had at 16, I can only hope the dust and tumbleweeds clear so we can hear what's really on his mind."

Victory is sweet, even deep in the cheap seats...

I can’t help but talk about Conor Oberst’s (of Bright Eyes) first solo album, available yesterday. I learned of the release only last week, but have been obsessing about it ever since.

The Bright Eyes years were essentially a haunting road trip for the lovelorn, depressed, or quietly observant. But then comes Cassadaga, released in April of 2007. I STILL am finding appreciation for those tracks...Lime Tree and Hot Knives, in particular.

His lyrics at times make no sense whatsoever. That is, until you experience a subtle loss or gain, be it friend or lover or pet or job or bit of pride, and you suddenly realize he’d been warning you all along…but will never claim that he told you so. (See: We Are Nowhere and Its Now. I couldn’t find the version sung with Emmylou Harris, but if you listen to it you’ll definitely need to call a friend just to say hello.)

Some fans wouldn’t agree with me, but I wholeheartedly claim he’s gotten better with every album. So natch, I’m excited to listen nonstop all weekend.