Tuesday, July 10, 2007

07-07-07 Weekend

There's something to be said about deliberately isolating you and eight of your closest and craziest friends at a cabin in BFE Wisconsin. You know going into it that you're going to possibly knock back a few too many beers, see a bit too much flesh, and walk away with a third-degree burn. I'm happy to report that I only escaped the latter. Despite the ten cases of beer and lost articles of clothing, I somehow managed to remember to continuously apply 8-spf sunblock, which sadly only darkened the embarassing shadow of my farmers tan.
Photo: It may be 9am, but those drinks definitely have liquor in them.

Highlights of the weekend include some misdemeanor b&e, observing the Milky Way and its shooting stars from the heart of the lake, and the hottub (duh, but minus those damn neighborhood hippies). All nine of us definitely "won" this weekend - as was expected - but the greater goal of getting away from the city and spending it with some of the coolest people on this earth made the resulting injuries and exhaustion all worth it. As with almost any vacation, I forgot to plan some other fun activity in the week after returning...so now I feel like slitting my wrists with nothing to look forward to.

Anyway, thanks friends. And some advice for 08-08-08: You better watch the fuck out.

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