Thursday, November 8, 2007


Most often, I view memorabilia as dangerous. While sometimes it's okay to let your mind wander in reverse, an eternal pessimist doesn't always find it a smooth ride. A legal pad from a previous job you miss desperately, a cute note from a spurned lover buried in a wallet. These sorts of things simply open old wounds and I honestly hate them. With my extremely biological view of society, I believe our minds were meant to retain important survival skills and forget those events which will serve us little in the future.

Anniversaries are odd in that, being calendar-powered constructs, they are unavoidable. You can easily forget that it has been exactly one year since you made a move to Chicago on the anniversary DAY, however a stunning realization a few days later can feel like a flesh-eating virus on the brain. What am I doing here? Why do I feel five years older when it's only been one? Have I even fully made the transition back to living in the city? It's all very complicated

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ScooterUD said...

I love nostalgia.

I love looking at pictures...

...from my 6 week backpacking trip through Europe - the best 6 weeks of my life

...from my college days at the University of Dayton - the best 6 years of my life

...of old friends who used to make me smile and laugh until it hurt

What about that old song you hear on the radio that takes you back to the time where you felt on top of the world....or even the song you hear on the radio that makes you think of an old relationship that taught you so much about life..."I'm so much stronger now, so much wiser now..." There are some feelings that only songs can bring back...

Nostalgia is priceless. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The older we get, the more we'll apprecaite it, because when we're old and crusty and can't walk or feed ourselves, it's all we will have to hold on to.