Saturday, March 8, 2008

Guilt and Red Wine

I feel just terrible for being away for so long. Actually I don't care, but it's been difficult to find something to write about and I've been busy scouring the city for moose heads. And as for topics, I feel a bit wayward lately, so anyone got a new milieu I can occupy? At the least, send me the definition of milieu so I can use it correctly next time (though I got the spelling right on the first try...FYP!). Totally shitty spellchecker. Nevermind.

Today has been quite exciting...I have purchased:

1) A haircut. If you're in Chicago or within the general Midwestern US vicinity, I recommend Dominique. She rocks my scalp.

2) Planetarium Vial Gardens. It strokes both the mad scientist and wanna-be green thumb in me. I opted for the basil and tomato plants. Buckle your seat belts for regular picture updates! YEAH!

3) Swim goggles. For swimming, not raving.

4) Gym membership...providing an appropriate venue to use the aforementioned.

Since I can tell you're all in a list mood, I feel obliged to report on the progress that I made on goals set in the last post.

1 & 2: It's been far too cold, therefore I've abandoned the idea of ice skating for the time being. Maybe when global warming gets a better foothold.

3: Obviously, I cleared the hurdle of packing, because I now live in a frat house / ski lodge.

5: Finished I Am Legend in, like, four minutes (loved it, as I suspected) and

7: celebrated by drinking red wine nonstop until today (that's 7,259,345,346 bottles, folks).

Finally, I wish to apologize for calling Disney's animation efforts an 'abomination.' last month. I was high on red wine.


Kris McCracken said...

I want to hear more about these moose heads...

Anonymous said...

See Here or Here