Friday, September 28, 2007

I Almost Peed My Pants

This past Wednesday, I attended a dress rehearsal of La Traviata as a guest of a corporate client. I have never been, nor imagined myself to be, an opera fan. My opinion stood that opera was much too high-culture for most people and that the art form was reserved to the puffy upper class. I still feel that way for the most part.

However, I certainly cannot discount the amount of talent that was displayed or the extent to which it affected me, a very plebeian observer. As you may know, La Traviata is the same opera in which Julia Roberts' character was found crying near the end. Here's play-by-play for me:

Act 1 = Desperately keep your eyes open. Orchestra playing familiar music (probably picked up from Looney Toons, but still effectively lulling my sleep-deprived body into a coma.

Act 2 = Ooh, the story is getting interesting. Love that cannot be realized...eternal illness...

Act 3 = Please oh please don't let the lights come up until my mantears have dried!

It really was quite beautiful, but I'll continue to forgo the season tickets and hold out for those rare but free dress rehearsals.

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